Our recipes are available as a searchable database:

When eating is challenging, preparing your own food or having someone help you with it gives you control to get your food exactly right for your needs, no matter how unconventional. Some of these recipes are unusual in ways that may make them work better for you than traditional recipes, so give them a try.

Many are high in calories which can be useful when food intake is difficult. There are hardly any restrictions on flavours, and almost anything can be prepared as a liquid, or in smooth or soft textures, and over a range of temperatures. It is quite easy to adjust the textures of your food when you know how and hopefully some of the recipes here can help with that.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list as people’s problems, and their tastes, vary widely. Instead we’ve tried to have a good range of flavours and techniques to give you inspiration and the knowledge to experiment to find out what works for you.

For those with dry mouth problems, it’s recommended to avoid sugar and sweet foods and drinks as snacks in order to avoid dental decay.