Video demonstrations

We want to encourage you to take good care of the hygiene of your mouth – this is one area where you yourself can easily make a substantial contribution to regain and to maintain your wellbeing! This statement goes far beyond the obvious, such as the prevention of dental decay or periodontal disease.

Some of the everyday-type brushing techniques demonstrated in the videos may not be suitable for everybody, for example if you are having problems with mouth opening.

If you are recovering from major oral or maxillofacial surgery and are on a liquid or soft diet or are depending on a feeding tube, regardless of whether you have natural teeth or not, please do remember that the ‘automatic’ self-cleaning mechanisms in the mouth for soft tissue, such as the surface of the tongue, do not work well under such circumstances. Gentle cleaning will not do any harm (teeth as well as soft tissues), quite in contrast: for example, it helps prevent (or combat) thrush and strongly supports the recovery of the function of your taste buds, on the back of the tongue. And these are vital in encouraging you to want to eat as the sense of taste triggers your appetite!

Have a look at our video demonstrations:

Try to look at some of the video material as an inspiration how you might be able to work around a problem. Some tools (such as tiny interspace brushes or soft foam lollipops) may be useful for more than one purpose. Also, people are quite good at inventing interesting alternatives if the common / standard approach doesn’t work – please let us know about your inventions and tricks so that we can share these widely.

Do let us know if you find oral hygiene demonstrations in videos useful and / or if we should add more specific, further videos to the collection.