Oral hygiene

We are acutely aware that we are much in danger of being accused of being preachy when we include a section about oral hygiene on our website. However, the fact is: keeping good oral hygiene is eminently important for overall health and well-being, far beyond the obvious benefits of preventing dental decay and/or periodontal disease. This is true ‘in sickness and in health’ and maintaining the best possible oral hygiene regime is definitely an area where you can take control and help yourself.

There are many, often less well known aspects, to the topic of oral hygiene. For example, we explain in fair detail the role of saliva in keeping teeth and soft tissue of the mouth healthy. Indirectly, of course, this also illustrates the importance of strict oral hygiene when you suffer from dry mouth.

We demonstrate good brushing and cleaning techniques in videos and a written practical guide gives more detailed information. We include information about everyday routines as well as comments about more difficult situations such as after major oral or maxillofacial surgery, radiotherapy to the head and neck region, or difficulties with opening the mouth.