Magic triangle self-assessment

As you progress along a timeline from being diagnosed to the stage where you have become accustomed to your new life it might be helpful to have a series of stepping stones to judge your progress.

Researchers in the area known as Quality of Life research, which includes feedback sometimes known as Patient Reported Outcome Measures, often try to measure the problems that are important to you using questionnaires.

These are usually quantified using scales (1-4, 1-5 or 1-10). The idea is to try and semi-objectively quantify what is important to you and, if possible, address that.

Questionnaires are used repeatedly throughout our lives and in all areas of our activity. You may well have become tired of filling in questionnaires, no matter how useful the set of questions may be and no matter how willing you are to acknowledge their usefulness. Being mindful of widespread questionnaire fatigue but being aware this is an important part of optimal aftercare we have considered an alternative.

The principle idea is to help you to reflect on your current state of affairs and/or to prepare for outpatient clinic appointments. Our tool is designed such that it should be intuitive to use.

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