Other tumours

Nearly all relevant maxillofacial malignancies and / or relevant aspects of other malignancies we describe and discuss either in several dedicated sections or as part of other sections on this website:

This leaves a group of rare, soft tissue malignancies; soft tissue sarcomas. A sarcoma is a malignant growth that originates from cells that were formed from the mesenchyme, an undifferentiated connective tissue that is present during early foetal development (carcinoma refers to a malignant growth that arises from epithelial cells (cells in the tissues that line the surfaces and cavities of the body and its organs)). The musculoskeletal system and connective tissues include cancellous bone, cartilage, fatty tissue cells, all three types of muscle, nerve structures and blood and lymph vessels. Accordingly, soft tissue sarcomas are seen in all parts of the body, including the maxillofacial region.

Soft tissue makes up the bulk of our bodies, yet soft tissue sarcomas are rare malignancies (estimated less than 3 % of all malignancies). The majority (80 to 90 %) of malignancies are carcinomas, with malignancies of the blood and lymphatic system accounting for approximately 5 to 10 %. Despite it being a rare malignancy, there are many different varieties of sarcomas.

Soft tissue sarcomas seen in the maxillofacial region include

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