Due to the individual personalised approach to treatment in each case we couldn’t do justice to personalised timelines on this section.

As described in our pages on treatment of these tumours, adults and children may undergo different approaches. In adults, treatment with curative intent usually consists of radical ablative surgery, such as in the treatment of oral malignancies, or treatment of some facial skin malignancies, and reconstructive surgery.  

In children there is a greater role for chemo-radiotherapy. These treatment regimens are very individualised and often involve growth centres – both local (such as growth sites in the jaws and development of the teeth) and general (the pituitary gland which affects growth overall). Hence, growth replacement therapy and other hormones may be needed to replace pituitary gland function as well as staged orthodontic and restorative dentistry. As these services are very complex and specific to the individual, we can only advise you to talk in detail with your specialists.

In the case of tumours where radical resection and reconstruction with curative intent are appropriate, the timelines largely follow those outlined for oral malignancies, some facial skin malignancies, or malignancies of the salivary glands. Where reconstructive surgery has been included, the timelines of recovery are in line with those generally encountered in the various different reconstructive procedures.

As always, particularly with rare tumours, a detailed conversation with your treating specialist is more important than any generic information we can provide.