Recreational drug use

Firstly, this is not about judging in any way. The point to this section is to inform you if your particular “poison” has caused your problem or will influence it in a detrimental way. If it has or does we will try to explain that and point you in the right direction to minimise further problems.

In fact, a large number and wide range of substances need to be considered here. Both tobacco and alcohol play a particularly prominent role, each on their own as well as in combination with each other. The large number of other relevant drugs may be subdivided into two categories: prescription drugs and nonprescription drugs.

We make no distinction between legal and illegal recreational drugs, or the illegal use of legal (prescription) drugs. If they cause you harm or make treatment more difficult then they are a problem – one you need to address. Closely related to the topic of the use of drugs are many aspects of fitness which may affect your ability to deal with treatment(s), recovery and optimal final outcomes.

It may seem surprising but experience has shown that sometimes at a very difficult time in your life – for example a diagnosis of serious disease – your ability to make quite extreme positive lifestyle changes are enhanced. Take advantage of this opportunity.