Vascular abnormalities

When it comes to attempting to predict a post-treatment expected sequence of events for vascular abnormalities it will obviously depend on the treatment (if any) involved.

Basically, we describe three main modalities of treatment of vascular abnormalities and so will outline some timelines based on these approaches.

Watch and wait: this is self-explanatory. No active treatment is planned and in the short, medium and long term the condition will either regress, stay the same or get bigger. Generally, haemangioma will be managed this way with the option of a medical intervention with propranolol if they do not improve in the medium term. If medical intervention is used, regression is noticed within 7 to 14 days.


Laser photocoagulation is a process which demands repeated application and is also very dependent on the type of laser and technique used. We would advise individual advice from your treating clinician is sought.

Surgical excision is the other modality of treatment and is a bit more predictable for the purpose of anticipating post-treatment sequalae.